Saturday, May 27, 2006

Baby we were born to run

Read an interesting article in The Globe, titled, "In the long run" and it was very enlightening to learn several facts that makes me gratified that I'm a runner. For instance:

  • A runner once raced against, and beat a bunch of horses. The distance 35K race.

  • We were made to be endurance runners and most animals are made to be sprinters. Other endurance animals include hyenas, wild dogs and wildebeest, so think that the next time you're doing a long run. Say, "I am a hyena"

  • We're born for endurance cause our ancestors were scavengers and willing to travel great distances to forage for food. Instead of chasing down our prey, we stalked our protein.

  • Anyways, a nice quote from the story

      "The basic thinking about humans has always been that we are the nerds, the wimps, of the animal world. We have big brains, and so the basic story of our evolution was that we somehow outsmarted other creatures," Dr. Lieberman says. "But actually we are incredible athletes, and this athleticism is important in our evolution."

    All in all, still makes me think that why don't more people run. Cause it's painful? Maybe. Cause it's boring. Okay, a point. Cause they have better things to do? Um... Well, count me in the minority, and in any case, i'm in good company with the other lone runners out there pounding the pavement...

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