Saturday, May 06, 2006

Taper madness

Nice, sunny and 12 degrees out and I'm inside doing a fill-in shift at work. Not much of a running week, as I'm tapering for tomorrow. Since R. is partying it up in Montreal tonight, I'll have a quiet night by myself, eating fresh pasta from St. Lawrence (yum!) and figuring out that the hell i'm going to wear tomorrow. I'll be up early then I cab it to pick up Frank and his g-friend and then pass Jelly's place to pick her up.

Funny, it's been 7 months since my last race and I'm very excited about tomorrow... I can picture putting in a few 200-metre warm-up runs, freezing and shivering at the starting line, stretching silently while the crowd gets pumped up, hearing the start of the race but find we're still standing there, taking our first steps until we cross the starting line, finding my stride in the first kilometre when i'll have to do some navigating to find my pace (in other words, zig-zagging for a bit), breathing with every two steps, counting every time my left foot hits the ground, suffer with that first incline, hit Bloor at the half way mark, turn left at Adelaide (yucky part of the route), turn south at Sherbourne and then again at the Lakeshore (yuckier than Adelaide), then up York and the final 500 metres, where I can ask myself 'got anything left in the tank?' Likely, there won't be much left...

Ah, races.

Tomorrow, my Sporting Life 10K race report...

Weekly total: 30K
Year to date: 704K

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