Saturday, May 20, 2006

Live from Ottawa...

Parliament Hill
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What a day so far. Left my house at 6:30, lined up until almost 8 a.m. for my train. Then, my 4.5 hour ride from Toronto to Ottawa took 6.5 hours. Some poor guy had to catch a flight from Ottawa to Nunavut.. He didn't catch it. And what do we get for that inconvience? 50% of the value of the ticket, or of me, about $45.

It's slightly drizzly right now. I got into my sweet hotel, the Business Inn, where I basically have a 800 square feet apartment with broadband so I could connect my laptop.

I raced to the National Gallery where I was very happy to see Group of Seven art plus catch a glimpse of that pricey Voice of Fire. Went to Byward market but it was still drizzly. A quick trip to the mall and to Parliament Hill proper, and back to to hotel...

Anyways, since it's a running blog, back on topic. I will assess how i'm feeling around 6:30 and will decide if I want to do 5K (the plan was to do a long run, but I don't like running in the rain without my ballcap, which I forgot.

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