Saturday, May 06, 2006

For the love of carbs

Carbo loading
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In my continuing quest to blog as much as I can before race day cause I can't go out and party and the girlfriend is out of town... the next blog: food I ate today.

It looks gross, but it tastes great. For the finale of my carbo loading (well, before my banana and bagel tomorrow morning), I bought fresh spaghetti and spicy tomato sauce from St. Lawrence Market. Then I 'improved' the sauce by dicing up some real breakfast bacon from my fav. butcher from St. Law. (it's the real stuff) and rendering it out, then adding button mushrooms, letting that saute, then added the sauce, along with chopped olives. Then, and I have no reason for actually trying this other than the fact that I can say I did it, I added some truffle olive oil to finish it off.. god how pretentious.. anyways, i bought the oil in paris and i need to actually use it once in awhile..

Topped the thing off with parma with my microplane and, thus, dinner is served..

Soooo good. Who could ever rid themselves of carbs, I wonder...

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