Saturday, May 13, 2006

Less than a day!

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So, my spring racing season lasts, really, 8 days. The Sporting Life last Sunday and the Mississauga half marathon tomorrow.

Frank and I picked up our bibs, chips and t-shirts (logo shown here). Then we did a bit of shopping and Frank talked to the Running Room's founder, who was there an gave him some Yoda-ish advice.

We then drove the course. First thing, a lot of turns in the first kilometres... Second, the first 5K is deadly boring. Just like running in the suburbs -- oh wait, that's what we're doing. there are a lot of down hills, but the one i'm dreading is at the 10K mark. It must have been almost a kilometre of uphills. That will be the test tomorrow.

Anyways, I've loaded up on carbs, getting more this afternoon after I do a 2K tuneup run.

The weather will be a big deciding factor. If it rains, I need a hat and maybe a windbreaker. If it doesn't, I wear normal racing gear. So far, the forecasts say 9 degrees and 1mm of rain in the morning. Oh boy...

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