Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sporting Life 10K loot

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The T-shirt last year was white, with blue lettering. This year, it's blue, with white lettering. Anyhow, I liked last year's shirt, not for running, but for wearing around the house. Now, there are a few comments to make.

First, yes, remove the 1 from my bib number and i'm battling with 666. Great.. is this an omen of how i'll do on Sunday? Best not to think.

Second, I was scoping out the course on my way up to the Sporting Life and was reminded about one particular uphill stretch.. I'm not complaining, cause it's really downhill from Yonge and Egg...Anyways, two days of rest, lots of carbs to eat. It'll be a fun run, as I have no expectations or real desire to set a PB.


Amanda said...

Hey -- thanks for your comments on my running blog :)

I picked up my race kit today too -- It's going to be fun! I'm excited.

yumke said...

It will.. nothing like running with thousands of others down Yonge Street..

Anonymous said...

666!! i love it.

Anonymous said...

good luck all u torontonians.