Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bite-sized blog

Going into the last month before training, I'm finally watching what I eat. The fall and winter were times I decided that I could eat, within reason, what I wanted. And I've paid for it with added pounds. Don't get me wrong, I ran all fall and winter.

But there's something comforting about eating well during the cold months.

I decided right after the half that I'd eat better. So far, it's been going good -- stock up on bananas and apples at work, staying far.. far... far.. away from fried foods. (Ordered a salad as a side with my hamburger -- and no, i'm not giving up hamburgers...).

My left calf is doing much better now. I did another 5K this morning in my city run. It was about 9 degrees but nice and cloudy. I figure i'll try to get another run in tomorrow before I head to Ottawa on Saturday. It's supposed to be rainy/cloudy, but I may still attempt a run by the Rideau Canal anyways.

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