Saturday, June 24, 2006

Long slow distance

Today, did my long run cause I'm working tomorrow. Did 16K (10 miles) along the water. It was the first time i've run with a heart rate monitor in a long long time.

A couple things: I find it hard to run slow. But man it felt good. I kept a 148 bpm average for the run, which is about 78% of my max heart rate, right in the aerobic zone. I tend to run in the high 80s so it was nice to 'reign myself in'.

In total, I ran for almost one and a half hours with a pace of about 5:29 a km (or 8:50 miles). It'll be another month until I hit high mileage on one day, which isn't bad. Dont' mind if summer progresses a little until my 2-plus hour runs start coming..

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Anonymous said...

I would loooooooove to run as "slow" as you do ;-)