Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What training plan?

Uh, not sure what program to follow. I'm debating between the Hal Hidgon Intermediate II and Advanced I. Basically, I can handle six days of running a week as in the Advanced. The Advanced program throws in one extra day of running than the Intermediate, plus it throws in speedwork and hill training. The Advanced peaks at 54 miles (88 kilometres), about 5 miles more than the Intermediate.

I'm looking at a few other programs, one prescribed by Bob Glover in his Competitive runners book (6 days a week, long runs on Saturdays, some speedwork). Here's one very interesting one written up last summer in Runners' World. Three days a week. I could only dream.

Advice anyone?

Did my 10K (6 miles) city route this morning in my spanking new GT-2110s.. Oh I love new shoes, felt like I was bouncin for awhile


Anonymous said...

So I am all but set on the Garmin 205...but now wondering if I should go the extra mile and spend another $100 for the 305 model that includes a HR monitor. I have never used a HRM before so might not use it...but if I decide to get one down the road I will spend more money and it will not be compatible with the 205 Garmin. Thoughts? Frankie

Triseverance said...

A few of us are using the Pfitzinger/Douglas plan. There are different mile/week plans. Most seem to be using the 18week/55 mile max week plan.

It can be found in the book Advanced Marathoning by Pfitzinger/Douglas.

Frankie, get the 305 the HR monitor is well worth the money and it works with the garmin. Adding one later means two units.

Anonymous said...

thanks bob...and good luck with the training program.

yumke said...

I'll look into the Pfitzinger plan. Did a little reading on it on the web but is it very different from others? I'll see if I can track the book at my bookstore

I'm so tempted to upgrade my garmin. I do have a separate Polar heart rate monitor. Weird thing is, i've been running watch and GPS free for most of this calendar year.. kinda liberating.. But I think i'd like to keep better track of everything..