Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Okay, racing season ain't over

I just signed up for the Nightcrawler 5 miler, (8K)which takes place on Day 3 of Week 1 of the Training program, assuming I start training on Monday. Yup, that's a week tomorrow. It's an evening race with a 7:15 start. I like it for several reasons
  • Part of its route is right on my home waterfront course, therefore the equivilant of homefield advantage. I know most of the bumps, the elevations, the painful little hill in the final kilometre.
  • It's on Wednesday, which I think I was aiming to make my speedwork days.. no speedwork like a competitive race
  • I'm dying to kill the 8K time I had for a race I did last spring, of course, it had tonnes of hills so I wouldn't really be fair to myself...
  • I only have a few weeks before it gets too hot to race, so why not throw in a few competitions before I get down to the grueling training. The other one being the highly corporate HBC 10K run on Canada Day (July 1), which also takes place on that same waterfront turf.
  • Finally, i'll have more to blog about than shoes and training programs

And the halfway point of this race also happens to be around here, a nice little place to run to.


SRR said...

Gotta love that start time!

Nice pics, BTW!

yumke said...

Not sure about runs after a long day at work, but i'm sure it'll be fun.