Friday, June 23, 2006

Oh yeah, a new toy!

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As I've said in earlier posts, I love the fact that our Canadian dollar is kicking ass compared with our U.S. counterpart. I also love Ebay. My new Garmin 305 came yesterday which will replace my 201, which Jelly has her sights set on (after buying her house)..

Speaking of Forerunners, Sonia was asking me what's the difference between the 101 and 201 cause the 201 cost a bit more than the entry level. Sonia, all I can say is there is a massive difference. The 201 lets you upload data to your computer, so you can use Garmin's Training Center and, better yet, the amazingly free SportTracks. Imagine the difference between reading your running data on the little Forerunner screen and downloading the data to your computer so you can keep mileage history, see your routes on satellite and street maps... Sonia, get the 201. (It connects through the serial plug, so for those with computers with only USB, you'll have to get a serial/USB adaptor.

I upgraded cause I wanted the heart rate monitor (I have a separate Polar model, but who wants to wear a Garmin and another watch) and any improvements in getting signals would be appreciated.. I'll be taking it out for a test run tomorrow...

Runner geek I am...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! I'll ask for the 201!!! =)

Great toy you just got for yourself! Good luck on your first run with it!

yumke said...

Hope you get it..