Sunday, June 11, 2006

Shoes are picked

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Meet marathon training shoe No. 2. My Asics GT-2110. Along with my other pair, a Gel Nimbus.

I've run in the 2100 series before. My intention is to start off the training in the 2110s, then ease into the Gel Nimbus in late August. If the Nimbus is feeling good, I'll run in them on marathon day.

The training begins on June 19.


Ryan said...

Congrats on being Chicago-bound. I'll be there as well. Look forward to reading your blog along the way.

I'm a GT-2080/2090/2100/2110, etc. lifetime fanatic. BUT, I just transitioned into the Gel-Kayano 12's. Honestly not much difference - except for $45 in price!

Good luck in training

yumke said...

Thanks for visiting, just checked out your blog and will be following you as well.

About three training shoes ago, I had a GT2100.. really liked it but I switched to the 1100 series.. Now I'm back.

kelvin said...

I have an idea for your training - you should hook yourself up to a sled and carry someone around. Kinda like Rocky IV, tho you don't have to do it in the snow.

BTW, please visit

yumke said...

thanks KC, but i don't think i need to pull any more muscles. love your site :)

Unknown said...

Nice shoes...Iam a runner and i always prefer wearing my favorite timberland running shoes...more grip for my foot...