Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why runners are crazy: Reason 666

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Okay, I haven't actually made up 665 reasons, unless I count each kilometre i've run so far this year and add a few hundred more. Yes, it's June 6, 2006.

The meds pictured here made up the strange cocktail that I fed myself yesterday while battling a cold, a fever and allergies. I like to tackle my sicknesses by symptoms thus the antihistimine, the chest decongestant and the pain killer.

As a funny aside, at the runners' expo for the Mississauga half marathon, I picked up 3 bottles of Advil for free. I distinctly remembered telling myself that there's no way I'd need that many painkillers. All I can say, 24 hours after I was in the fetal position in my bed battling the chills and the heat, is "thank god I had three packs"

Anyways, why am I crazy? Well, I called in sick yesterday, which is something I rarely do (something like four times in six years) and yet after work, I felt I should go for my run. To spare details, my sinuses were relatively clear, my chest was also relatively, and my muscles were probably benefiting from 2.5 days of rest and all those painkillers... yum... pain...killersssss.

Set out on a 10K jog out to Cherry Beach, but about 2K in, I decided that all my muscles hadn't been stretched and that I should settle for a shorter run. So I did a 6K jaunt through the city. Threw in a good tempo run for 3K.

And reason No. 667? I'm ready to go out again tomorrow morning. And maybe after work, just to get the mileage back...

Crazy talk.


jellypepper said...

different cocktails for both of us to get moving, ha ha. but you're crazier.

Anonymous said...

poor yumke.