Thursday, May 29, 2008

And the weekdays get a little longer

I've run 28 miles in three days. Such is the type of program I'm in for, and the mileage is about to get longer. Here's what I've done so far this week

Tuesday: 11 miles past Humber Bridge on the waterfront. I was a little overzealous, doing the thing in 1:23:44 with average pace of 7:37 (my old marathon pace) and heart rate average of 158.

Wednesday: 8 miles in the early morning eastward, toward Leslie St. That was done in 1:05:11 in a slightly slower pace of 8:10 miles with average heart rate of 146.

Thursday: Absolutely beautiful outside. Sun was warm and it was a little windy. Not so much that I was worried about. Ran into the wind for the first half then it pushed me back. Total run done in 1:12:11 with pace of 8:01 and rate of 157.

So I'm going through a testing out process of my various paces. I know that my normal aerobic runs should be a little faster than I'm used to. Also, my mid-to-long runs need to be paced a little faster, maybe under the 8 minute mile. Maybe even closer to the 7:37 marathon pace. I have to do recovery at a slow pace cause don't want to overtrain.

It's so weird adjusting to these new paces because I've been training at a 3:20 marathon pace since the summer of 2006. Running just got a little bit more interesting! (Any advice on various training paces would be much welcome).

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Arcane said...

your paces come naturally as the mileage ramps up. Recovery feels slow, GA should feel like your just pushing it a bit. Long runs should feel smooth and easy.