Thursday, May 01, 2008

Weather? About perfect

Got a good amount of sleep today since I have today off.

Did a 6 miler with two miles at pace, didn't really nail them (7:37s) with a 7:46 and a 7:35, then did a recovery. Felt really really sluggish and my left toe was a little sore. True to any taper, I'm feeling the aches. My right knee which hasn't given me big problems but gets achy during heavy running, is only acting up a little. My neck muscles are a little tense from desk work and a weekend hunched over my lap top, and the toe, which I'm stretching out right now.

Gonna take it easy as I have to sort out what clothes to wear. The long range forecast is calling for rain on Friday and Saturday. I really hope that clears out by Sunday. Sunday, looking pretty darned good. A chilly start with 4C but it will only get up to 14C. This is perfect marathoning weather (haven't read up on the wind.)


Triseverance said...

Good luck and run fast old friend. I hope you get the perfect day. Looking forward to reading about it next week. Enjoy and say hi to JP for me. :)

yumke said...

Thanks bob, your wishes mean lots. I will saw hi to JP. I think she's going to have lots of fun with the half.