Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back at it.. and a big congrats to Francis!

The post-marathon week is done and I've gotten in three runs. A four miler on Wednesday, 5.3 miles yesterday morning and just finished a 10.6 miler in 1:21:45 with an average pace of 7:43.

I started it off as a recovery run but I really felt like pushing it a little.

One thing of note, if you haven't seen Fran's blog, he's been gunning for his BQ for a bit now and he's been training with such dedication and purpose, ramping up his mileage in a big way since his last marathon earlier this year. Well, I just checked the Mississauga Marathon that he ran this morning and our boy did it with a time of 3:10:24! So happy for you, Fran. You have me in awe and I'll only no doubt do my best to follow suit!

Weekly mileage update: 19 miles (30.5K)
Year to date mileage: 767.5 miles (1235K)

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Arcane said...

Thanks Kenny! I have no doubt that you will qualify eventually, if not this year at Marine Corp. I think you're faster than me at the shorter stuff and I'm positive if you increased your mileage a bit, you would be able to do it.