Monday, May 19, 2008

Many miles run (800), many to go

Another weekly catchup post on mileage.

I ran the following this past week.

Tuesday: 4 miles (at, ugh, 5:40 a.m.!)
Wednesday: 5 miles (5:40 a.m.)
Thursday: 8 miles with 4x1000 (5:36 a.m.)
Friday: 3.5 miles (7:13 a.m.)
Saturday: 4.5 miles (10:10 a.m.)
Sunday: 7.5 miles (10K race plus 2.2K warmup)

Weekly mileage: 32.5 miles (52K)
Year to date: 800 miles (1287.5K)

In the next week, I want to ramp up to 40 miles, then keep on building miles to slowly make my way back up to 50 miles by mid-June. This should have me primed to hit the Pfitzinger 70 mile program on June 22. A big gulp....

I ran a 10 miler this morning in DC, happy because I started it at around 8 minute miles and worked down to an average pace of 7:48. I'm really trying to test myself by running a little faster on non-recovery days if my marathon pace is going to have to be in the 7:15 range.

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peter said...

I'm hoping you did your 10 miles on some of our wonderful trails, the Mt. Vernon in VA, or in Rock Creek Park, or on the Custis (hilly) Trail in VA leading to the unparalled 40-mile W&OD Trail going out to the west (or the C&O Canal Towpath in the District going to WV or the Capital Crescent Trail leading to MD). Good running abounds. My backyard abuts the W&OD at MP 7. Careful going from 40 to 50 miles in 3 weeks, don't get hurt. As for 7/4 races around DC, I like 3 races all slightly out of DC and requiring a car. Google them. The Cure Autism Now 5K at 8 am in Potomac MD, the Heritage 5-Miler in Fredericksburg VA (an hour's drive, stay and see the site of the Civil War battle, the terrible stone wall where the Union Army suffered its most lopsided defeat) and the Dundalk 6K in Baltimore (an hour's drive, stay and see where the Star-Spangled Banner was written when the British couldn't breach Fort McHenry in the War of 1812). We rarely see 6Ks (3.8 miles), I spent two summers getting that race below 30 minutes. 7/4 in DC is very hot & humid,but the fireworks on the Mall are grand altho the security procedures are onerous (we're winning, right? We didn't change our lifestyles out of fear, right?). Sounds like your running is going swell.