Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ideas (and flowers) planted

Still taking a tiny breather from daily blogging but getting my schedule firmed up for the coming season.

I planted my annuals (flowers and two basil plants) a few days ago. Also a few seeds of running ideas are now - in the real sense - flowering.

I've started my marathon training early. Almost a month earlier than planned. I'm signed up to do the half at Scotiabank waterfront marathon in Toronto on Sept 28 but I'm now starting training for the full. I still have the right to pull out of that race and concentrate on Marine Corps Marathon in late October. (I will still do MCM but more as a 'fun run'. Ya, we'll see.)

I plan to make my first attempt at 3:10 and I think that since Scotia is essentially on my home turf, a route I run almost every day, iit would give me few advantages. A few worries beyond my control. First is a totallt flat marathon - I do like a course that doesn't tire just one group of muscles. Second is the quality of pace setters. Fran's 3:10 went out way fast (let's put it this way, I ran a 1:31 half and they were ahead of me for a good 4 miles. Third is weather (wind and heat).

So I started Pfitzinger 70 a few days ago. Yesterday did 11 miles at around 7:40ish pace. Today, 8 miles but skipped the strides. Let's see how I take the extra mileage. 


Arcane said...

Yahhh! scotiabank! In case you were wondering, the fast 3:10 pace guy from last year is doing it again this year. i volunteered to be a 1:45 pacer, but it was filled, but I'm receiving rmails about the paces. I guess it's in case someone drops out.

I did some research on the 3:10 guy last year and he's been a 3:10 pacer a couple of times and he always goes out too fast. I think you'll be fine though. with the 70 mile week, you'll be able to comfortably pull off whatever time the guys ends up doing.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

nice flowers

yumke said...

Hey, thanks Fran. I'll have to look up the pacer's stats. Oh well, I may have to pace myself. I was able to do this at the Around the Bay quite well so I'm pretty confident.

Now it's time to get down to training