Sunday, May 11, 2008

Three races in six weeks

I've been thinking a lot about my next major marathon goal. I do have it, and it'll take lots of work. Day 1 of the program starts on June 22, which gives me the next 6 weeks to recover, start eating well again, and set my sights on some smaller distances to help build back my mileage up. I have probably three races over 6 weeks.

Next Sunday, May 18, I've signed up for the 10K Capitol Hill Classic. It's mostly flat except for a MASSIVE hill near the end. I'm not sure if my legs will have regained speed by then but i'll try heading to the track on Wednesday to try 4x1000 or 5x600 at 5K race pace.

On June 7, my friend Fitzy is trying to get me to enter the Moon in June in Burlington. If I sign up, I'll do the 5K and treat it as a speed workout.

On June 18, I run the Nightcrawler 5 miler, a classic evening run along Toronto's waterfront. It's one of my favourite races done in the year's longest day. I've done this in the past two years and maybe if the weather is good i'll gun for a PB at this distance.

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Ryan said...

Sweet short-term plan, but what marathon have you selected?