Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mileage catchup

Before I wrap up this post-marathon week, here's the mileage I ran for last week plus year-to-date

Tuesday: 6 miles
Thursday: 6 miles with 2 at pace in AM, 5 miles recovery PM
Sunday: 26.47 marathon

Total weekly mileage: 43.5 miles (70K)
Year to date mileage: 748.5 miles (1204.5K)
Last year at around this time, i had done 403 miles or 650K. I'm well ahead of pace this year. Marathoning will do that to you, I suppose

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peter said...

Ain't it great when you can add a marathon race distance to your weekly total. I did and it pushed my total last week way over 30 which is a lot for me. Course now my numbers for this week read 1 run, 1.2 miles. But I'll get back at it soon.

I think you ran with Chris. Sounds like he was a great pace leader. The Pig course being long, the pace leaders took a little heat for what they did at the end. (Can't be over.) I salute them.