Monday, May 05, 2008

Flying Pig Marathon, the long course?

The talk among marathoners since the race ended has been the rediversion or the reroute of the course after mile 22. We were told at the start as they delayed the race by 15 minutes that there was a three-alarm fire and they dound a different route. The announcer said 'don't worry, this course will at least be a marathon' to which we wonder 'how much longer'.

Update: I found an unoffical way of looking up your actual time. See post

In today's Cincinnati Enquirer, race director Iris Simpson-bush says the race is likely to be approved and remain a qualifier for Boston. "After we get a new distance, we can deduct runners' times by determining their pace and then apply it to a 26.2-mile distance," the director told the paper, adding that it'll likely be a few tenths of a mile longer.

I've seen mentions of a quarter mile. As we were running, it really looked to be at or more than one lap of a track. When I'll get home, I'll map out the original point to point and compare it to the reroute.

I really think they should recalculate the distance and make all official marathon times reflect. I'll take that, even with an asterick.

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