Sunday, May 25, 2008

Breather on the blog while ramping up the run

I have a few blog posts rattling in my head but it's been pretty busy the last little while. R. is also in town so we've been doing family stuff.

Here's the mileage breakdown over the past week

Monday: 10 miles (16.4K) in DC, average pace of 4:51
Wednesday: 7.7 miles (12.5K) in Toronto, 5:03 pace
Thursday AM: 3 miles (5K) average pace of 5:29
Thursday PM: 5 miles (8K) pace of 5:05
Saturday: 5 miles (8K) in Burlington, did hills of the Around the Bay course pace of 4:45
Sunday: 9.3 miles (15K) in Toronto, ramped up pace throughout for average 4:42

Weekly mileage: 40.5 miles or 65K
Total mileage year to date: 840.5 miles or 1352K

Three weeks out from marathon day, i'm back up to 40 miles. I'm going to try for 45 next week then 50 for a few weeks in June. Then it's time to launch into training...

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Marky Mark said...

TWO runs on Thursday? Is that part of the training regimen or you threw one in?