Sunday, August 20, 2006

Chicago countdown: Week 10 complete, 62 days to go

So.. it's halfway here. In about two months, we'll be in Chicago, running the marathon. Yikes. Anyways, Is it fall already? Damn. My long run took me up hills today. A lot of them. And just to spite me, mother nature throws in wind of 30km/h along with 15 degree temperatures.. Not good.

The run went okay though. Since I ran last night, my body ignored the two alarms that were supposed to get me up for 7. So I set out at 8:45 and started off slow. Took lots of walking breaks, particularly after the big hills, just to get my heart back down below 80%. 20.6K (12.8 miles) in 1:48:56.

Again, like the end of all my long runs, I picked it up, mostly because i'm impatient.

It was a step-back week and now I have a big week. But, I also have a camping trip from Monday to Thursday. I told R. I'd like to keep my runs in, but we'll see. Will be on the lookout for good running trails.

Unrelated, like my new header? I got tired at looking at green so I played around with the top until I got what I wanted. A whole lot of soles...

Weekly total: 71.5K (44.5 miles)
Time run this week: 6:09:17
Year to date: 1,655.5K (1,028.5 miles)
Marathon training to date: 603.5K (375 miles)


Arcane said...

Looking good. Do you use the 220-age formula to calculate your maximum HR? Your HR at those paces is super low. It's quite impressive.

yumke said...

Yup, I use the 220 minus my age, which gives me a 188 max. For this run, it's kind of a cheat, cause I ran up to Yonge and Eg for the first 10K, then ended the run going pretty much downhill. Much easier on the heart, let me tell ya.

Sonia said...

Great Header! Great run too! Have fun camping! =)