Sunday, August 13, 2006

Chicago countdown: Week 11 complete, 69 days to go

Well, I topped 50 miles this week for the first time in the training program. A lot of that was as a result of yesterday's 20 miler.

Started out later than usual because of the late-night festivities (thanks for the birthday wishes everyone) and Jelly showed up and told me she did her 13 miler.. woo hoo. R. and I did 5K today, then I set out to complete it.

My shorts are rubbing the inside thighs the wrong way and since i forgot bodyglide this morning, well, not pretty.. Ended up doing 12.1K (7.5 miles).

This week is a bit of a step-back week as the long run coming up is 12 miles. Which is good. The picture above is of the surprise canoeing tour that R. sprung on me this afternoon. So got two hours of upper body work...

Weekly total: 82K (51.1 miles)
Time run this week: 7:23:28
Year to date: 1,584K (984 miles)
Marathon training to date: 532K (330 miles)


Iron Jayhawk said...

Awesome week in running!! Keep it up :)

I can't believe we've only got 69 days left. Anytime I see a counter, I start to freak. Thank you for sponsoring this morning's freak-out moment.

Ryan said...

Rockin' dude!! Hitting that century mark is a milestone! Sweet. Nice job on the 20. I need to make up mine this week due to the CDC.

Sonia said...


Great running week! Congrats on the milestone =) You seriously rock ;-)

yumke said...

Thanks everyone. i will start to freak once the day counter falls below 40, i think..