Sunday, August 27, 2006

Chicago countdown: Week 9 complete, 55 days to go

After yesterday's long run, I really didn't feel like putting any effort into a run, so did a slow paced 6K (3.7 miles) and threw in an 800 metre run at 4:30 km pace. Felt good. Considering I didn't run from Monday to Wednesday, I think my total mileage this week was pretty good.

Now, a couple of things on the horizon in what will be a big September for me.

  • I start a new job in two weeks. I resigned from my old job a week and a half ago and will be joining a rival website. I'm sad to leave after six years but excited for the challenge. I got it written in my new contract that I would have Oct. 20 and the 23rd off so I could do Chicago. Yep, I'm not going to throw away months of training away, no way.
  • I have three more 20 milers coming then on Oct. 1, the taper will begin. Three 20 milers in September. Ouch.
  • In one of my step-back Sundays, on Sept. 24, I have signed up for a half marathon. This will be the dress rehearsal for Chicago. The debate is whether I want to do the whole thing at marathon pace or try to run at my half marathon racing pace. One thing is certain: I would love to kick the ass of the time I logged there last year.

    Weekly total: 65K (40.5 miles)
    Time run this week: 5:48:28
    Year to date: 1,720.5K (1,069 miles)
    Marathon training to date: 668.5K (415 miles)

    Arcane said...

    Good luck on the new job! I'm thinking of doing the Port Perry Half. Although it's about an hour's drive away, it's cheap ($40), it's on the designated race day for the Pfitz plan (saturday) and it's 2 weeks earlier than scotiabank.

    I considered doing scotiabank but I think it's a bit too close to Oct 22 for me. I might end up doing it as part of my long run though.

    I would lean towards doing it at marathon pace if I were you, but that's just me. I'd be too afraid of injuring myself that close to the marathon.

    Ryan said...

    Congratulations on the new job. Can you get Don Cherry's autograph for me?

    For your half, you should be OK to race - you just may want to add some recovery mileage. It will be a confidence boost for you if you get a PR and kill your old time.

    But, to R-cAne's point, if you feel tired and injury-prone, err on the side of caution.

    yumke said...

    So maybe a month before the marathon is a bad time to truely race a half? I guess since the focus is on Chicago, I will decide on the pace based on how I feel that day.

    Frankie said...

    Are you going to exceed 20 miles in one run? SOme members of my running group are talking about going for a 37K run!