Wednesday, August 02, 2006


So I'm tired.. not sure if it's the heat, or the long work hours or the fact that I'm hurting for another week off during the summer. What I hope it isn't is the fact that I'm on a six-day training schedule. Should I be taking another day off? Part of me think it's because I'm getting up early to run, then going to bed late... let me sleep on it..

8.4K (5.2 miles)


Liv said...

How is the early morning running working out for you?

I really wish I could run in the mornings, but it's a bad idea since I have to work the overnight shift.

Damn this hot weather!

Sonia said...

Maybe a rest day would do a lot of good =) If you don't want to rest, try biking or some sort of cross training. I think we all feel a lot more tired when training in the heat.

Hope this will pass soon,

Take care

Dave said...

More power to you for running in the morning. I used to be a strict morning runner, but unfortunately have fallen to the default of running after work - not good when it has been as hot as it's been.

I believe that the hot weather has a lot to do with it as well, but working long hours cuts into running and rest time - I can attest to this! I am trying to keep my schedule a little flexible and will sometimes take an extra rest day to prevent injury, or at the very least cross train (biking). Good luck - there is a break in the weather for this weekend - enjoy!

yumke said...

Liv, the morning is hard but necessary. I work long days and i never feel like running in the evening heat. Someone at work today asked how i run in the mornings. I didn't have a good answer. However, I can't deny that it gets the blood pumping for the morning shift.

Sonia, no extra rest day, but it's almost TGIF! (Thank God Itsnorunning Fridays)

Dave, I keep on thinking of what the weather will be like on Oct. 22 in Chicago. I picture something much cooler than the middle of summer :)