Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The one second difference

I took yesterday off running. No biggie, I think, as it was only a 3 miler. I think i'll make it up tomorrow by adding a few miles.

My calves were super tight so that I spent a good portion of the run loosening up. I took a few walk breaks and really wasn't into it. The last 5K, however, was nice, I picked up the speed considerably.

The weird thing, the one second difference, came after my connected my Garmin to my computer. Last week's 13K (8.1 mile) run was done in 1:09:28. This week's 13K? 1:09:27. WTF?!

Looking at the splits, they weren't mirror runs. Last week's 10K mark was hit in 54:19 while this week's was in 54:41. Which means I had a speedier final 3K.

1 comment:

Dave said...

If I ever need to calibrate a stopwatch I'll make sure I contact you! Impressive consistancy and nice job on the run.