Saturday, August 19, 2006

Like a champion...

... you racer types probably recognize this picture. Yup, it's my very own ChampionChip, a birthday present to me from my good friend Jelly. Very cool, I get my own personalized number (obscured here in the picture) and so when I line up for a race, while everyone else has their black one, i'll have my bright yellow one!

Yesterday was TGIF, so did BBQ and stayed up late with some friends. Which meant I wasn't getting up early today. No way. R. and I are going camping early next week, so we started to grab our gear.

Long story short, I wasn't ready to run till 7 p.m., and instead of doing a pace run (4:45 Ks) at 14.5K (9 miles), I decided to run longer (17.3K or 10.75 miles) at 4:56 pace. Not bad...

Tomorrow, a 12 miler planned.

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