Sunday, August 20, 2006

Gone camping...

Not yet, but i'm outta here tomorrow morning, heading to the Bon Echo provincial park, about a 4 hour drive from Toronto. R. and I are canoeing to our site so now we're trying to pack everything (sleeping gear, cooking stuff, tent, clothes, food) into our two backpacks..

The plan is to try to keep up with my runs. I think the goal will be to do a long run Tuseday, then hold off until I get back on Thursday and do a long run on Thursday, a 3 miler on Friday, then launch right into the weekend long runs.

And now I get to use my Forerunner to guide me through the park.. woo hoo..


jellypepper said...

Sounds fun!
Enjoy the trails.

Sooooooooo jealous!

Sonia said...

Wow canoeing too! Now, that's real camping!! Have fun in the trails =)

yumke said...

It was fun!