Monday, August 28, 2006

In my mind...

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This was what I was picturing during my long run.. peaceful, no traffic no people.. okay, I wish..

I skipped my scheduled 4 miler this morning cause I wanted to sleep in ahead of my first day back from vacation (and the ninth last day at work before the new job.

After work, I decided to not only make up the 4 miler, but to do 16K (10 miles), the distance of tomorrow's sorta-long run. I'd replace tomorrow's sorta long with today's 4 miler.. Besides, I'd rather do a long run in the evening than in a weekday morning.

It's a big week, one of my plus-50 mile weeks if I can get all the mileage in.. Frankie and I have been having a debate on whether we should attempt 23 miles on one of our long runs. I'm undecided. Anyone else out there think there is good use to getting that close to marathon distance?


Arcane said...

I've never done 23 miles before as a long run, though I did do 22 miles once. 22 miles at LSD pace is approximately the amount of time that it will take you to finish the marathon at your race pace so one of the benefits is that it will get you used to being on your feet for that length of time.

In my experience there isn't much benefit to going beyond 20 miles though if it's your first, doing more miles can be a confidence booster.

LeahC said...

i don't think you need to go over 20 miles....but I do like the idea arcaner pointed out about being out there about the same amount of time you would be for the marathon

Dave said...

I have read that 20 miles is all that is necessary, but I happen to be following a training plan that has me going up to 24 miles... I guess I'll see if there is a benefit or not. Last year I went up to 20, but felt underprepared a little (but I also only ran one 20 miler).

yumke said...

Thanks everyone.. I think what i'll go with is doing a lsd with the time i'm aiming for, so i will try for 23, but make the decision on the last 3 miles once i get there. i'm not going to hurt myself