Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Back to basics

First of all, thanks to my fellow bloggers and runners who left comments on my race report. I've learned a lot following you and will continue to do so.

I have lots of thinking and planning to do and I'll do a post about my thoughts about the race and how my training can be tweaked for the next time. But for now, a little bit of back to the basics.

My recovery has been surprisingly good. I took an ice bath, the first once since the Chicago marathon, and the inflammation went down, though I was still hobbling. My left calf and quads took a beating during the race. Also, the muscle on top of my right knee (to the inside of the leg) was cramping a little during the race. But in the past two days, the soreness was confined to my calves, knee and quads were still sore.

Today, after work, I felt my muscles were okay so I went out for a 4 mile run. It was a recovery run but I think I ran it a bit faster. I did it sans-Garmin.

I'm following the post-marathon recovery program that will get me from 16 miles this week to about 32 in the next four weeks. I want to be back up to decent mileage by December so I can be in the position to end off the year with good mileage and also have a base for next year's training.


Arcane said...

Though about a foam roller? I've been using one and it really helps to identify the sore points. It really kneads deep into the muscle.

Sonia said...

Glad to see your body is not too sore!

It would be great to see you and your GF in Miami!! =)