Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Final hard workouts

Ah the taper.. time for rest.. and.. wait, an 8-mile run with track work? I guess I shouldn't complain. The mileage is dipping.

Yesterday, I landed back in Toronto to 30C weather. Today, it cooled off so I made it to the track for my 5x600. The goal was 2:24 repeats with 90 seconds of recovery jogs.

1. 2:21 177 max bpm
2. 2:22 181 max bpm
3. 2:23 182 max bpm
4. 2:25 180 max bpm
5. 2:28 176 max bpm

I don't know if this is a sign of cooler weather or something else, but my heart rate is lower than in other repeats I've done. The last one was a bit slower as I was distracted by other runners on the track.

Overall, I'm happy with my VO2 Max workouts -- I have one last one next week, a 3x1600. Should be interesting.

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Arcane said...

It's probably a mix of the cooler weather and the fact that you've improving. Since Pfitz alternates the tough VO2max workouts with the easier ones, I think the body compensates with the hard ones and ends up finding the 600m intervals easier. Happy Tapering!