Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good weather for Marine Corps Marathon? Guaranteed!

Think this embedded player is live to the day (so you'll miss what is showing on Thursday if you check later), but this forecaster is hilarious! He personally guarantees cool, sunny weather for Sunday, marathon day.

You better be right, buddy (fingers crossed).


Blaine Moore said...

Nice! That guy is a nut.

Hopefully it stays cool for Sunday morning and then gets nice and toasty for the afternoon when everyone is done running.

Arcane said...

Good luck on Sunday and remember don't start out too fast!

Dave said...

Perfect weather - enjoy!

I agree with Fran - don't go out too fast!

Good Luck! Isn't there live tracking of runners for the Marine Corp Marathon? Will you be posting your bib #?

jellypepper said...

may the weather gods be with you!

yumke said...

Blaine, that's perfect. I'd like to soak up some of the post-race fun and not flee to the inside.

Weather gods are with me and yes, I will not go out fast. I will not go out fast. I will not go out fast. That's my mantra for the first five miles..