Sunday, October 07, 2007

Race report: Army Ten-Miler

That was a fun, hot, hot run. We did it in 1:39:08 and I was R.'s pace bunny and water-bottle carrier. It was a tough run for many runners -- the sun was beating down and by the time our wave got to many of the water stations, they were cleared out. Luckily, I had decided to hold on to our bottle of water which was a godsend to R. Water woes were happening in DC and in Chicago. Just not a good weekend to race.

The run was quite inspiring -- such a huge run that you are never alone. There were a lot of veterans and amputees running the race and they were inspirational. The crowd support was kinda quiet the first 5 miles but picked up in the Mall and in the final 500 metres, which was great. It's the country's biggest 10 miler. 26,000 registered and 17,600 ended up finishing it this year.

It was R's first race longer than 10K so it was a tough one, but she's so strong -- passing runners, maintaining an even pace and she never walked once. The final two miles were tough as most of it was on a highway overpass so it was exposed to the sun.

I am so very proud of R. It was such a hot day (for some reason it didn't hit me hard because I was running at recovery) and she made it through with strength.

A great run and I'm glad I got to run it for the fun of it.

10 miles | 9:55 pace mile | 6:09 pace kilometre

1. 9:50
2. 9:49
3. 9:17
4. 9:32
5. 9:39
6. 9:45
7. 9:43
8. 9:43
9. 9:49
10. 10:28
It also recorded an additional 1:19 cause the Garmin thought it was a 10.16 mile race.

Sad news: A runner died near the end of the race.
Time (for both of us):
Place: 8808/17633 (woo hoo!)
6.5 mile split: 1:05:16
Pace: 9:55 miles


Anonymous said...

I just read that someone died today in that run and one in Chicago too. Very sad.

yumke said...

That's so bad. and at the finish line...

Arcane said...

Congrats with the finish! I wish there were more 10 mile races around up here. It's a nice distance to race.

jellypepper said...

Yay for Yumke and R!

Anonymous said...

I was just behind you guys with a pace of 10:58 I believe. I got up at 3:00 am to drive down to DC from PA. I am also doing the Marine Core.

yumke said...

Thanks fran jellyp. the 10 mile distance is a blast.
loragra, i guess you're in taper mode.. good luck with it!