Friday, October 12, 2007

Running with the devil

I found the simple life ain't so simple
When I jumped out, on that road
I got no love, no love you'd call real
Ain't got nobody, waitin' at home
(Ah, yeah-ah!)
Runnin' with the devil

So, I'm running the ZooRun 10K tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. It's going to be cold. It's going to be windy. And it may rain. This is the last prescribed tuneup race by Pfitzinger so I'm aiming to make it an all-out effort. Time to read up on race strategies on the 10K :).

Jelly will be there with her family running team.

My family (or brother, rather) is taking me out to see Van Halen with -- woo hoo! -- David Lee Roth. I love the Lee Roth cheese era and had a nice little debate the other day on which album is better, the self-titled debut or 1984. I go with Van Halen's Van Halen.

Anyways, we watch the concert, stay on our feet then I go to the homestead to sleep overnight. The race is in my hood!

In the meantime, hope Van Halen plays this song:


Arcane said...

I just looked up your time. 41:21 is an excellent time considering the really hilly course. Did you spend the day at the zoo?

yumke said...

Hey Fran, it was a really hilly course! We didn't end up staying at the zoo cuase it was really cold and windy. We opted for congee and noodles. good choice

Marky Mark said...

Good time! We went for dim sum. Think I may have seen you if you were right at the front at the start time.

yumke said...

Hey Marky Mark. I knew you were running this but there were sooo many people. Yes, I was near the front at the start.