Friday, October 05, 2007

Long run: The plan aftermath

In less than 8 hours, I'll be out there for my last 20 miler. I want to make it count. Here's a tentative route around DC. It will be hot and I plan to see if I can push it in the final 5 miles. We'll see.

Update: Done and done. It is warm today so I was out there before 7 a.m. Humid, foggy and geting warm. I hydrated, stuck to the route, and did push it in the second half. I decided not to add a few miles as I'm now dressed and ready to go to the race expo for the Army-Ten Miler! I can't wait for this fun run. No pressure, no pay attention to splits!

Mile splits:
1. 9:23
2. 9:01
3. 8:45
4. 8:40
5. 8:28
6. 8:19
7. 8:29
8. 8:21
9. 8:25
10 8:17
11. 8:22
12. 8:34
13. 8:15
14. 8:20
15. 8:19
16. 8:10
17. 8:19
18. 7:54
19. 7:52
20. 7:27


Dave said...

Nice job on the 20 miler - especially in the heat and humidity. It was definitely a tough one out there this morning... I am just glad I am not running Chicago this year.
Welcome to the taper... enjoy!

Sonia said...

Awesom job on the 20 miler!! =) You got some pretty fast split near the end. Enjoy your taper now, you deserved it. And have fun at the race tomorrow. I love the hat

yumke said...

Thanks.. I guess the taper has begun... thanks for reminding me..