Monday, October 01, 2007

Marine Corps Marathon: 4 weeks to go

Thanks everyone for checking and reading up on my race report. Last week was a great week, but it's time to put the half mary behind me and focus on the training. The marathon day is fast approaching, only 27 days left. Here's a recap of the week. I didn't meet the mileage goal of 50 because I took days off to prepare for the race.

Weekly mileage: 38 miles (61K)
Year to date: 1,266 miles (2,036K)

This week marks the final week of big mileage before the taper begins. I have a 20 miler planned on the weekend and I may push it a few extra miles and I'm even contemplating pushing the pace up in the final 5 miles.

The best run of the week will be the Army 10 miler on Sunday morning. It's the day after my last long run so it'll be a recovery run with R. We'll do it for fun, enjoy a big race with 26,000 other runners and get a big honking medal at the end. Oh yeah, the day after that is turkey day.

The plan

Monday: 4 miles recovery
Tuesday: 5 miles with 6x100
Wednesday: 10 miles with 4x1200 (this will be a fun workout)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 20 miles (start slow, push the pace up)
Sunday: 10 mile race at recovery


Arcane said...

Good luck with the VO2Max workout. Have you considered maybe changing your goals for marine corp in light of the smoking fast half you ran?

Turkey day up here in Canada. I think it's Columbus day in the US. Do they eat Turkey down there for that?

yumke said...

I'm looking forward to the V02 Max. 4x1200 should be a little challenging, just smart

On my goals, I am still humbled by the distance so still aiming at 3:20. Small steps, right?

Oh yeah, Columbus day. I totally forgot.. gonna have to look into that