Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The same goal as always

Instead of resting on Monday, I jumped right back into the week after Sunday's race. Monday was a 4 miler at recovery pace and I heeded all advice, running an easy 8:57 a mile pace (5:34Ks).

Yesterday, stepped it up a notch with a 5 miler with 6x100 strides with an average pace of 8:06 miles (5:02Ks). The muscles were loosening up and I was feeling fresh -- the work out was helping to knock out kinks after the race.

Today's run put me right back into the fray: A 10 miler with 4x1200 intervals, a toughish VO2 max workout. I ran up to the track and counted three -- yes, three -- running clubs taking over different parts of the oval. It was kinda weird cause I obviously don't run with groups being a solo runner. I admit I'm a little jealous that the groups have the camaraderie, and also the impetus and support to improve. For me, it's a matter of pushing myself.

Anyhow, I had picked a 4 minute kilometre pace for the 1200 metres, I've been adjusting my paces thoughout the summer and I think I've settled on a good time. Here are the intervals with 2 minute jogs in between sets. The target was 4:48 for 1200.

1. 4:40 184 max bpm
2. 4:47 184 max bpm
3. 4:50 186 max bpm
4. 4:52 186 max bpm

The last lap was a bit tough as I had to weave to outer lanes as other runners took the inside. I'm fairly happy with the splits and my times at every 200 metres were fairly dead on.

In light of Sunday's PB for the half marathon, I plugged the number into various running calculators. McMillan predicts a 3:13:05, Runner's World sees a 3:10:53 and Vdot forecasts a 3:10:52. My first reaction is, yeah right. Here's my thinking. I am not altering any of my goals. I know that 26.2 miles is a tough distance. And I intend to race it the best I can in a smart, methodical fashion. Last year, in my first marathon, I took out an ambitious target of 3:20. I finished in 3:35. This year, smarter in my preparation and humbled by the experience, I once again set sights on 3:20. My goal is to race it though to the end. Time predictions? How about finishing the race happy with an all-out effort?


Arcane said...

Nice job! I've already told you what I think. You're paces are much faster than what I was doing last year. For this same run, I averaged 4:58 for the 1200m run last year. I know you may not want to go for 3:15 or faster, but what about splitting the difference to 3:17 or so? That would be a nice round 7:30 pace.

yumke said...

Thanks Fran. I think I will use the 3:20 pace to bring me to the 20 mile mark. Then i'll see if where I am. Best case scenario, I can maintain my pace or even push a little harder. Worse case, I slow down. I don't want to push LT pace.

Hydration and fuelling will be so key to the race.