Friday, January 11, 2008

Beach blogging

This is new. Found a wifi connection on the beach from a nearby hotel and on my iPod touch I'm surfing and blogging.

We got into Miami last night and had a late dinner. But we got up and did a 11K or almost 7 miles on an out and back to South Beach.

R is going for a swim later and I may sneak in another run. In the meantime more lying around.

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Triseverance said...

I want the I-Pod Touch. Asked for one for Christmas but the kids came first. :)

Sonia said...

Ah I'm so jealous!! Beach time is the best! Can't wait to be there in 3 weeks. You gotta tell me the nice spots to have dinner so I can figure smth out for after the race =)

Enjoy the sun

yumke said...

Bob, The Touch is very cool. I see it as a mini computer as well as an Ipod

Sonia, let me know where you're staying. There are tonnes of Italian restos if you're looking to carbo load.