Wednesday, January 09, 2008

When two becomes four, you know you're almost (not quite) in training

I keep on reminding myself that although I'm going to do a 12-week training program for the Flying Pig Marathon, I still should consider the next five weeks as base training plus some foundation for future long runs and tempo/lactic threshold. Which means I should be getting in runs of all kinds to get at least 30 to 35 miles a week.

And which also brought me to today. I got home late from work and it was dark and cold... really didn't feel like a run, but something was telling me that every mile counts toward building a base. So I convinced my stupid head that I'd go for a minimum of one mile out and back for two miles. Stupid because I've actually only done a two mile run once as I consider 4K to be the minimum distance to be worth changing into my running gear.

After commiting then to get out, I quickly reset my goals. Before I knew it, I was in the middle of a four-mile run (total of 34:52 with splits of 8:51, 8:19, 8:29, 8:07 and a stray 1:04 extra). Much better.

So that brings me to 20 miles so far for the week. I'm off to Miami tomorrow after work so I plan to run again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We plan to do at least six miles each day.


Marky Mark said...

If you're in Hollywood at all (south of Ft. Lauderdale) let me know as there is a broadwalk (not a typo) that has a nice 6 mile run to the Dania Beach pier and back, followed by bacon at a Quebecois restaurant at the end!

Have fun in any event!

yumke said...

Don't think we'll head there but I will get lots of runs and good eating!