Saturday, January 12, 2008

Morning and evening run

A nice warm morning and a cooler evening. I started my morning run with R. but told her I wanted to get a faster run, so we split after the first 700 metres. I ran about 5K on the beach and did a hard run, starting slow and speeding to a 7:30 a mile pace at the end. First run of 8 miles was done in 1:05:12 with average pace of 8:04 miles (about 5:01Ks).

We walked around town, had a nice sushi lunch, then walked a lot more. We again went for a run, a 5K around the boardwalk before dinner.

Ah, vacation life with running is great!


Marky Mark said...

If you're still looking for Lincoln Road eateries we always enjoy outside at Ballans and also the chocolate souffle dessert (order at same time as main course) at I think the Van Nuys Cafe or News Cafe (sorry not more precise).

Ryan said...

Looks like you are enjoying your vacation. That meal looked great. Nice way to mix in some running on your vacay.

yumke said...

Thanks Marky Mark, I saw both places on Lincoln.. we opted for one of the Italian restos. Great road!

Ryan, the running made good excuses for eating lots of food :)