Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hitting Rock Creek Park

Okay, finally after a year of mostly doing laps of the Mall, Tidal Basin and the environs while I'm running in DC, I decided to expand my running. Mostly because I'm not in marathon training and so I don't have a specific pace I have to run in or miles I want to fit in.

I plotted a course that would finally take me into the Rock Creek Park that runners talk about. It took about 4 miles until I hit it, but once I did, I could see why it's a nice running route. I ventured in about 10.5K (6.5 miles) then did the out-and-back route. The GPS went wonky and didn't count about a kilometer (I remember it said I did mile 9 in 13:34 -- yeah right). Route is mapped out here. Anyways, it was a nice at times sunny day and I ended up doing 13 miles in 1:50. Up to 31 miles for the week and I plan on another run tomorrow to bring me to the upper 30s.

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