Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Perfect 10 miler

Okay, the GPS ran out of batteries when I took it out for today's run, and I really didn't care. I know my route so well that I can measure just about any distance without my Garmin.

While much of the country wallowed in really really cold (-54C with windchill, anyone?). I was treated to 4C, light mist and little wind. So I set out with a pair of shoes I repatriated from R's place this weekend. I'm not sure what it was: running Garminless, the bouncier shoes, the day I took off or the perfect weather, but I felt amazing and settled into what I can describe as slightly faster than the "I can run forever" pace. Probably a 5:15K pace or 8:25 mile.

I ran tall and had fun jumping over puddles. By the end, I was nice and toasty, a little wet and still in great shape -- I was barely huffing and puffing. I know that compared with a year ago, I'm in much better winter form and the base mileage is strong.

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