Thursday, January 03, 2008

Running with snow tires

media1.jpeg, originally uploaded by yumkerun.

The sidewalks were clear, and lots of snow and ice were covering my running trails, so naturally I decided to put on my new Yaktrax. It's been bitterly cold the past few days and snow has melted during the day and refroze in the night, leaving sheets of ice.

I can't believe i've gone so many winters without these. They kinda take the bounce out of your running, but I was able to confidently navigate my way through almost 4K of ice and snow with no hint of a slip. Amazing. Ended 5K run in just under 26 minutes.


Marky Mark said...

The Globe and Mail had an article that mentioned these today-I'm sure you saw it: ;)

Where can you buy them?

Marky Mark said...

I got a pair-wasn't sure whether to get the Walkers or the Pros.

yumke said...

Hey, you can get them at MEC. The pros are for running and other active sports