Monday, January 14, 2008

That was a great vacation

And now back to our regularly scheduled work and running life. Last week's mileage was a healthy 47 miles, aided by my long weekend in Miami. Now it's back to base training of 30 - 35 miles. I will miss running today and possibly tomorrow but will get back into it big by Wednesday.

Weekly mileage: 47 miles (75.5K)
Year to date: 70 miles (112.5K)


Sonia said...

Already?! Oh man! I'm sure my vacation is going to pass rapidly too! I'm staying on the South Beach side of Miami, our hotel is a 3-4 streets to the beach!!

Triseverance said...

47 miles while on vacation, wow.

yumke said...

Sonia, go to Lincoln Road outdoor mall in miami beach (lincoln and washington near 16th). i think you'll find plenty of italian places for pasta there...

We said right on the beach a few km north of south beach

bob, yeah, it's crazy I was able to get so many miles in, but when you get days off in warm weather and it's winter, running just seems like the right thing to do!