Thursday, January 17, 2008

Picture the beach, picture the beach

Ran 5 miles after work and the GPS had run out of batteries, so didn't really pay attention to time and just focused on a slower pace. Really felt out of energy, probably because I had a very light breakfast and lunch, part of the post-holiday revamped eating (I won't call it a diet) to return back into training shape.

Actually was plus 4C and I see the temperature is going to PLUNGE this weekend. Well, I think I've had enough of a respite from winter. I'm afraid of the cold more than the heat in so many ways.

Just picture the beach... picture below from Miami on Sunday and my beach reading...


Sonia said...

I was definitely telling myself that during my run today! My god it was mighty cold! To answer your question I'm going to be in Miami for 5 days, from Friday night to Wednesday midday. I really can't wait!!!! I'll check out that mall for the food. Thanks =)

Arcane said...

And you couldn't bring back some of that warm weather with you?!? :)