Wednesday, July 19, 2006

3 miler that became more..

I guess I'm getting used to longer runs, because when my schedule calls for a 3 miler, my body says 'what, you can't run more than 3 miles?'

Well, i'm a proud type, so I simply say: 'Shut up, body, or I'll add a few kilometres...'

To which the body says 'bring it on.'

And hilarity ensues.. Ended up running a brisk 8.4K (5.2 miles) in the city. Tomorrow's supposed to be a 35 minute tempo run, but we'll see if we can do it after 3 pints tonight at the bar.


Liv said...

He he - just consider it carbo-loading. Mmmmmmm......

yumke said...

Oh yeah, right, there are carbs in beer.. totally forgot..