Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Speed freaked?

So I had a 3 miler scheduled today and since I have a 5K race, I thought, 'hey, dress rehersal'... Well, not really. It rained all day so it's humid out, but no rain and cloudy. I did a tempo 5K a few days ago at 23:30 and today tried a bit harder.

Now I know that there is definately something called a race effect, but you really see it when you train alone, nothing but your own pace and stride to keep you going fast. I managed a 22:30 5K seen in the graphic. In miles, it was: Mile 1 (7:12), Mile 2 (7:26) Mile 3 (7:11) and the last bit was 40 seconds. I knew I could push it more but I just didn' t have the impetus.. I'm hoping Friday will be a different story. BUT.. speaking of pushing it, check out that heart rate at the end (94% of max heart rate!) yikes..

Maybe I should have hydrated. Or ate more bread.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely needed more bread. I like how you think!