Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fun with numbers!

There was a time, lets say a few months ago, when I'd just go out and run 10K or 21K and just call it a day. It was a time when I really didn't care what my splits were, how fast the heart was goin... Just running for the hell of it and doing a lot of listening to the body.

Well, now look at me now. The GPS is firmly strapped to my wrist, the heart-rate sensor is always in place. I do glance at it to make sure my heart isn't going too well and it's teaching me to run at various paces. One benefit, of course, is that I can track my progress on my runs.

Take my sorta-long run of 12.1K (7.5 miles) today. Without the GPS, I wouldn't have remembered that I ran it 33 seconds faster this week with an average heart rate of 147 bpm compared with 150 a week ago. I know that I ran the first 5 miles slower last week, but this week I felt I had more in me. But I also knew my time from last week when I went out this morning...

Too much information? Yep... Fun with numbers? Yep...

This week's splits and (bottom) last week's


Sonia said...

Great improvement!! It's fun to see clear results like that! Keep up the good work =)

I still haven't figure out how to use the garming software and get my runs on my pc.... oh well I'm no computer geeks here!!

yumke said...

Hey, you have a blog now! good on you..

on the garmin, the first trick is to figure how it connects to your computer..