Thursday, July 20, 2006

Farklets, fartleks.. whatever....

I was doing a Google search on 'farklets' and I was very impressed to see that my blog came up as the top search! But.. how.. can.. that be? Then I realize that it's fartleks. I always think of farklets because I used to haunt all the time, and because, frankly, fartlek sounded too funny, too inconceivable as a term for running. Fart-lek.. huh huh (beavis and butthead moment).

Anyways, yes, it's swedish for 'speed play', which means I can thank the Swedes for Mats Sundin, half the furniture in my condo and a funny word that I used in my runs once in awhile, FARTLEK.

1 comment:

Frankie said...

I noticed the wrong spelling on your blog not too long ago but forgot to point it out to you. Then just figured maybe it was another type of speed workout you discovered. Anyway, funny that it was top of the google search. Ha ha.